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We plan and configure the corresponding applications accordingly.specifications or concepts created by Maier and bring our extensive know-how. We advise our customers and work with him in dialogue to find the best solution for him.







When purchasing, the standards currently available on the market are well as innovative innovations are taken into account.

The focus is always on the customer's specifications, quality, On-time delivery and price.

The applications are made in-house. Professional Installation of mechanics, electrics and pneumatics is carried out by a qualified and motivated team with several years of professional experience guaranteed. 

Through continuous training, we ensure that our team is up to the current state of the art.

We offer mechanical and electrical construction under Use of the following programs:


2 and 3D design with Inventor 2017



Existing programming skills:

Siemens, Beckoff, Rockwell/Alen Bradley, PC-based high-level languagesprogramming (C++).


Access to the delivered systems via remote maintenance / Internet access.



Acceptance of the application based on the contractually agreed performance data before delivery of the system to the customer.

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