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Automation system

Short description:

For the automatic assembly of an assembly for a tilt-and-turn fitting

Your added value

✔ Automatic feeding and assembly as well as further processing of components

✔ Saving manual assembly

✔ Before acceptance, an automatic selection and check for OK takes place. and NOK of the components.

N.I.O. parts are automatically sorted out.

Rotary transfer system

Short description:

For manual feeding of parts. Optical existence control (position and order) via camera.

Tactile existence check (100%).

Fully automatic feeding of screws using robots and pressing of the parts.

Your added value:

✔ Ensuring complete assembly

✔ Convenient assembly of the assembly

✔ Avoidance of rejects through 100% control

✔ Robust, process-reliable system – approx. 1 million assemblies per year 

Feeding device

Short description:

The feeding device is part of a chain.

Automatic merging of parts (joining) – process monitored. This is followed by a caulking process that connects the parts together.

Your added value:

✔ 16 different variants can be displayed.

✔ Fully automatic merging and pressing and thus savings potential because staff are elsewhere

can be used.

✔ Process monitored: No incorrect parts are installed and no more parts are missing.

Testing device for functional and leak testing

Short description:

For functional and leak testing of exhaust gas control flaps including measurement recording and part-related traceability.

Your added value:

✔ Automatic testing of components in one station. No further handling of the components for testing.

✔ 100 percent test of function and tightness. Collection and evaluation of data such as flow quantities,

Press etc. at different flap positions. 

Linear clock unit

Short description:

For processing hollow screws including mechanical testing. Cross holes are deburred on the inside.

Your added value:

✔ Automatic visual check whether there is still a burr or burr residue in the hole

✔ Automatic rejection of NOK parts.

System for assembly assembly (sandwich)

Short description:

Fully automatic creation of cooling elements (sandwiches) in different sizes.

The components are measured, checked and brought together in the correct position.

Your added value:

✔ To maintain production, a paternoster bunker is installed, with 120 parts for downtime

can bridge in the bunker.

✔ The individual steps are monitored, i.e. a missing or incorrect part is not possible.

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